About the Band

Founded in 2003 and based in St. Louis, the Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra is an orchestral ensemble of emerging composers and musicians. The R&P MPO composes and performs new scores to accompany films of the Silent Era, and composes and records soundtracks for contemporary films. The ensemble consists of a string section, a brass section, piano, and percussion. Informed by classical and contemporary sources alike, the R&P MPO’s forays into noise, folk and psychedelia are tempered by a melodic sensibility rooted firmly in the Romantics. 

R&P; MPO believes that St. Louis, like Silent Era film, is singularly strange and beautiful. The stories of St. Louis–again, like Silent Era film–are invaluable not only for a greater understanding of ourselves, but hold meaning for new audiences. While continuing to enrich, entertain, and inspire St. Louis audiences, the group is geared to be St. Louis’ cultural ambassadors outside the region. It’s all about furthering the mission.

Band photo of all musicians on staircase