About the Band

The Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra (RPMPO) is St. Louis’ premiere silent film accompaniment ensemble. We’ve been composing and performing original scores for classic films since 2007, and now offer dozens of programs from the legendary (e.g., Murnau’s Nosferatu) to the woefully underappreciated (e.g., Weber’s The Blot). 

Our sound blends symphonic instrumentation with experimental pop sensibilities, prominently featuring string trios, pitched percussion, piano, and guitars of all description, along with the occasional electronic flourish. 

We believe that silent film is a wonderful medium unto itself—one that only comes fully alive on the big screen, in the presence of others, and with live musical accompaniment carefully composed to support the filmmaker’s vision. Silent film isn’t a historical curiosity; it has lots to say to contemporary audiences. The mission of RPMPO is to help these voices persist. 

Band photo of all musicians on staircase