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  • Chicken and Waffles
    Chicken and Waffles

    "The short film Chicken and an artful report from the intersection of conscious eating, food politics, public art, and the reemergence of animal husbandry in the urban context."

    ·Chicken and Waffles website.
    ·Volumes 1 and 2 on YouTube.

  • Brick by Chance or Fortune
    Brick by Chance or Fortune

    "A documentary about the past, present, and future of brick in St. Louis, Brick by Chance and Fortune chronicles the city’s rich history as both a producer and user of a building material that’s as lovely as it is sturdy."

    ·Official film website.

  • Heartland Transport
    Heartland Transport

    "This short documentary tells the story of 17 same-sex couples who obtain their marriage licenses in Iowa."

    ·Heartland Transport website.
    ·Heartland Transport on Vimeo.

  • Silver Spurs
    Silver Spurs

    "Existing almost anonymously on the corner of Texas and Utah in St. Louis, Missouri, this western-themed facility provides a fascinating backdrop for an in-depth look at life in an American group home."

    ·Silver Spurs on IMDB.

  • Turk and Jim
    Turk and Jim

    "Turk joins Jim's family for thanksgiving, promising not to eat anyone. He is unable to cope with such responsibility."

    ·Turk and Jim on YouTube

  • Phantasmagoria

    "An inventor and lover of music attempts to create a device that will extract and interpret music from brainwaves."

    ·Phantasmagoria on Google Video.

  • Chicken and Waffles
    The 48 Hour Film Project

    "The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and a team make a movie—write, shoot, edit and score it—in just 48 hours."

    ·S.A.M. (2004)
    ·A Fire Set on Fire (2005)
    ·Flute Master IV: Spirit of Doom (2006)
    ·48 Hour Film Project website

  • Chicken and Waffles

    "A caveman inventor accidentally stumbles upon his opus; a toaster."

    ·Grumboon web site